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Forsker på kunstopplevelser

Det er tittelen det norske Forskningsrådets informasjonssenter for kjønnsforskning Kilden har gitt et intervju med Henriette Thune om hennes nylig forsvarte avhandling om Bakhtins begrep om det estetiske objekt. Intervjuet kan leses her


Hvordan skapes mening og idéer gjennom kunst og litteratur?

Henriette Thune disputerer for graden philosophiae doctor (ph.d.) ved Det humanistiske fakultetet ved Universitetet i Stavanger 14. september. Med utgangsgpunkt i Mikhail Bakhtins begrep om det estetiske objekt har Thune sett på hvordan mening og idéer skapes og forhandles gjennom estetisk form. Les mer her.

PhD defence about Bakhtin’s aesthetic object

September 14th 2012 Henriette Thune defends her thesis about Mikhail Bakhtin’s aesthetic object at the University of Stavanger, Norway. Opponents and members of the dissertation committee are Professor Galin Tihanov, University of London and Associate Professor Lilian Munk Rösing, University of Copenhagen. The thesis’ full title is

Mikhail Bakhtin’s Aesthetic Object
Adaptation Analysis of Sara Stridsberg’s Novel The Dream Faculty and its Theatre Adaptation Valerie Jean Solanas will be President of America

Thune’s dissertation presents and discusses Mikhail Bakhtin’s concept of the aesthetic object, understood as the meaning produced between an author/artist and a reader/spectator in contemplation of a given work of art. From this Thune develops a method for analysing how aesthetic form is linked to ideological meaning production. The method is tested by way of an analysis of what takes place when Sara Stridsberg’s novel The Dream Faculty (2006) is adapted to the theatre performance Valerie Jean Solanas will be President of America (2009). Through her analysis, Thune also develops and tests out a method for analysing how some representations of perceptions in art evoke bodily-emotional more than intellectual responses, and others not.

Thune’s thesis may contribute to aesthetic research, including ideologically interested approaches such as for instance gender studies, by proposing tools for more systematically and verifiably investigating and understanding how meaning is produced in different ways through different media, in meetings with different recipients.

Before the thesis defence Thune will give a trial lecture on the by the dissertation committee announced theme: ‘A Bakhtinian Analysis of August Strindberg’s En dåres försvarstal (The Defence of a Fool) as an Aesthetic Object’

Kunngjøring disputas Henriette Thune

14th International Mikhail Bakhtin Conference

The provisional programme is now ready for the 14th International Bakhtin Conference in Bologna July 4th-8th this summer. You may download the programme here.

A list of the papers accepted may be downloaded here.


CFP: XIV International Mikhail Bakhtin Conference July 4-8, 2011

Bakhtin: Through the Test of Great Time – CALL FOR PAPERS

You are cordially invited to participate in the XIV International Bakhtin Conference, University of Bologna, Italy – please check out the conference home page here.

Extended Deadline for Proposals of Papers: February 28, 2011

International Advisory Committee:Ramon Alvarado, Universidad autónoma metropolitana (Mexico), Craig Brandist, Bakhtin Centre Sheffield (GB), Mika Lähteenmäki, Jyväskylä University (Finland), Vitalij L. Machlin, MSPU (Russia), Nikolaj I. Nikolaev, PSU (Russia), Clive Thomson, University of Guelph (Canada), Anthony Wall, University of Calgary (Canada)

Official Conference Languages: English, French, Russian, Italian.

Proceedings: A refereed conference proceedings volume will be published following the conference.


Nordic Bakhtin Dialogue seminar in Karlstad

Quickly succeeding Per Bäckström’s arrival at the University of Karlstad in October, Nordic Bakhtin Dialogue is gathering in Sweden November 24th-26th 2010 for a seminar with the title  ”Michael Bachtins betydelse för lyrikforskningen, med tonvikt på kronotopbegreppet” – “Mikhail Bakhtin’s influence on poetry research, with emphasis on the concept of chronotope”. Per Bäckström has organized the occasion, and we are all looking forward to inspiring talks and discussions in Karlstad.


Per Bäckström new professor at the University of Karlstad

Nordic Bakhtin Dialogue member Per Bäckström leaves the University of Tromsø, Norway after several years, and starts in his new position as professor at the University of Karlstad, Sweden October 1st 2010. We are looking forward to seeing him there!


Atle Skaftun new vice director for the Reading Centre, UoS

Nordic Bakhtin Dialogue member Atle Skaftun has recently been employed as vice director for the Reading Centre at the University of Stavanger.  You may read more about the centre in English here, or more extensively in Norwegian here.


Listen to Atle Skaftun’s book presentation

Atle Skaftun presented his new book at the University of Stavanger recently. A sound recording of the presentation that was held in Norwegian may be found here. The presentation was commented by Professor of literacy studies Bjørn Kvalsvik Nicolaysen.


Nordic Bakhtinians; dialogue!

Blogging from my cell on the train towards Kristiansand here. Remember that you may send texts to Jan Lundquist, Christian Christiansen or me – Henriette Thune – if you want to share Bakhtin news on this site!