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Bakhtin and Intermediality

November is coming to an end and Nordic Bakhtin Dialogue’s  next seminar Bakhtin and Intermediality in cooperation with Forum for Intermedial Studies at Växjö University is coming up in less than a week. About 20 researchers in the fields of Bakhtin and/or intermediality travel from France, Denmark, Sweden and Norway to Växjö, Småland, Sweden December 3rd and 4th 2009 to discuss:

Can Bakhtin contribute to intermedial theory formation and analysis?

A wide range of subjects have been announced for the talks: We expect to hear about carnevalesque ballad motifs and Bakhtin’s concept of chronotope and stylistics in ballad research. We will be introduced to Mozart and Bakhtin and Flaubert as historiographer. Coming up is Bakhtin and the arts as well as  Bakhtin and the visual arts. There will be sound and speech in film and the TV-series The Wire read with Bakhtin, as well as Internet and discourse analysis, Bakhtin and net analysis, and intermedial somersaults. Jørgen Bruhn (Bakhtin and intermediality researcher, initiator and organizer) kicks off the discussion with the survey talk “Intermediality and Bakhtin?” We are looking forward to two days of customary fruitful discussions – and particularly to meeting up with the Växjö Bakhtinians and intermedialists!

Heteroglossia and intermediality

In this blog the reader will meet various voices and languages – as is also the case when the research network behind the blog, Nordic Bakhtin Dialogue, gathers for conferences and seminars. The next get-together coming up is, as Nordic readers will already know, at the University of Växjö, Sweden, in exactly one month; December 3rd and 4th 2009. Intermedialists and Bakhtin researchers – some identifying themselves as both already before the seminar – will spend two days together under the heading Can Bakhtin contribute to intermedial theory formation and analysis? We are looking forward to it!